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History - In 1620, the small sailing vessel Mayflower set out across the uncharted waters of the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, England with a patent for the northern part of the Colony of Virginia.  Blown off course, it finally dropped anchor off Provincetown on Cape Cod early in November.  Most of the 102 Passengers were of English origin seeking a new home free from religious persecution where they might retain their English identity and customs.  Some, however, had been hired to supply much needed expertise essential for founding a new community in a new land.

In remembrance of those God-fearing and dauntless Pilgrims, the first English settlers of New England, their descendants founded the General Society of Mayflower Descendants on January 12, 1897.  The original Societies were New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

The General Society is a federation of 52 State Societies, consisting of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of North Carolina was chartered in 1924.  To see a list of the Charter Members, click here.

Purpose - The purposes of our Society are:

1.  To perpetuate to a remote posterity the memory of our Pilgrim Fathers and Mothers.   To maintain and defend the principle of civil and religious liberty as set forth in the Mayflower Compact.

2.  To cherish and maintain the ideals and institutions of American freedom, and to oppose any theories or actions that threaten their continuity.  To transmit the spirit, the purity of purpose, and steadfastness of will of the Pilgrims to those who shall come after us, an undiminished heritage of liberty and law.

3.  To promote the interests that are common to all the State Societies of Mayflower Descendants which can only be served by a state body.

4.  To promote the interest that are common to all of the State Societies, and thus the General Society.

Colonies - The Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of North Carolina is divided into six colonies (listed east to west) - Northeast Colony, Southeast Colony, Central Colony, Piedmont Colony, Charlotte Colony, and Western Colony.

Names of new members coming into the State Society, residing within the State, are passed along to the officers in the Colony area in which they reside for addition to the Colony rolls.  Each Colony generally holds one or two meetings a year, one in the spring and the other in the autumn prior to the Annual Meeting of the State Society.

From time to time one or more of the Colonies undertakes a worthwhile special project, a principal one of which has been the widespread distribution of copies of the Mayflower Compact to the school children in their areas.  Currently each Colony is working on a project to make lineage sheets and instructional materials available to help interested individuals and prospective members in tracing their ancestry.

Each colony places Mayflower Families genealogy books in local libraries.  These volumes are 5 generations of a Mayflower Family published by the National Society in Lynn, MA.  These books are used when proving Mayflower lineage, a necessary step in joining  the society.

Meetings - Annual Meetings of this Society are held on or about November 21st, the anniversary of the signing of the Mayflower Compact.   Each year the Annual Meeting is hosted by one of the colonies.

State Officers - Officers of our Society serve a term of three years.  The current elected officers took office in November 2014.  They will serve through November 2017.  To see a list of the Past Governors, click here.

Publications - Members receive the Mayflower Quarterly published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and the twice yearly NC Mayflower newsletter, the Tar Heel Pilgrim, sponsored by the State Society.

A separate booklet of the Constitution and Bylaws is published periodically as changes dictate.

Last Revised:  August 26, 2015