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The applicant should start with his/her parents and the grandparents on the line which descends from the Pilgrim ancestor.  By setting up  a lineage worksheet, and documenting each statement of birth, marriage, and death as one goes along, the applicant is likely to find it all working out like a picture puzzle with a few missing pieces at first.  Meticulous documentation is the key to success in proving a lineage.  Family genealogies, town or county histories, are secondary source material, and are acceptable only when there are references to primary sources cited, or they are used only as back-up to primary sources.

Primary Sources consist of:

  • Vital Records of Birth, Marriage and Death
  • Bible and Church Records
  • Marriage Bonds or Licenses
  • Cemetery Records and Mortality Schedules (with some Federal Census Records)
  • Probate Records
  • Land Records:  Deeds or Property Distributions
  • Guardianship & Orphans Records
  • Contemporary Family Letters, Diaries, Doctors' Day Books
  • Tax Lists
  • Pension and Military Records
  • Federal and State Census Records (1850 and after)
  • Gravestones and Mortician Records

Last Revised:  August 26, 2015