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Test Your Pilgrim

 1.  The Pilgrims first landed at:

       a.  Provincetown

       b.  Clarke's Island

       c.  Monomoy Point

2.  How many signatures were on the Mayflower Compact?

3.  What is a shallop?

       a.  something to eat

       b.  the collar of the Pilgrim's clothing

       c.  a small boat

4.  Name the sailor buried at sea (Alden's roommate).

5.  Who is believed to be the first person to have stepped upon Plymouth Rock?

6.  Who was given command to go ashore to explore the land and lead others?

7.  How many were in the party?

8.  What animal was with the Indians on the beach?

9.  The first signer of the Mayflower Compact was _________________?

10.  The Compact was signed

       a. on shipboard

       b.  in the Common House

       c.  at church after the first service

11.  How many Pilgrims died in the "general sickness"?

12.  What custom did the Pilgrim women establish on Monday, November 13th, that would eventually be practiced by millions of American housewives hundreds of years later?

13.  Where was Leyden Street?

       a.  Provincetown

       b.  Plymouth

14.  What was the name of Priscilla Alden's father?

15.  Name the Indian who said "Welcome, Englishmen" and asked for beer to drink?  Can you name his tribe?

16.  Squanto's other (longer) Indian name was___________________________?

17.  Who was the English captain who kidnapped Squanto and some other Nauset Indians and sold them to Spaniards as slaves?

18.  What two (2) Pilgrim men fought a duel over a Pilgrim girl who later returned to England unwed?

19.  Following the death of John Carver, what man was chosen to be his successor?  Who was chosen Assistant Governor?

20.  On what date did the Mayflower leave Plymouth to return to England?

21.  How were the Pilgrims summoned to church services?

22.  Who was the first couple to be married in the new land by William Bradford?

23.  How long did the first Thanksgiving festivities last?

       a.  1 day

       b.  3 days

       c.  1 week

24.  How many men did Massasoit bring to the feast?

       a.  90

       b.  20

       c.  47

25.  What was the name of the NEXT ship to come to America?

       a.  The Sparrow

       b.  The Fortune

       c.  The Charity


90% Correct - You're a genius.  You really know your Pilgrim History!!

80% Correct - Pretty good.  You're smart!!

50% or less - It's time for you to hit the books again!


Last Revised:  August 26, 2015